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Baby Brody 14 Days New

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Brody-14 Days New


Brody was such a cute little man! He hated when I messed with his hands but loved being held and patted. 












Mom and Dad followed my prep guide exactly and he slept so well for me.

Mom loved the color Aqua so that was one of the main colors we used!

Brody's nursery theme is animals, so I loved making this adorable animal set up with him.

Dad plays every sport you can think of, so of course we had to incorporate all of his gear somehow, and I love the final result.

I always add an awesome digital backdrop to my workflow, the possibilities are endless! I suggest learning how to do them really well so you can also start to do this too.
















I love to do a close up shot of tiny piggies. This also helps to add to you gallery and looks great in black and white.























When you are a photographer, it is important to prove that you can create full cohesive galleries for your clients! One or two good photos is ok, but a whole gallery of them? Heck yes! 
















How do you achieve a cohesive gallery?
















Stick to 2-3 colors (2 main, 1 neutral) and stick with a central theme (this one was animals). Keep in mind as you're styling the session to pick things that go with each other and tie in together. 
















Find your perfect workflow and stick to it. Your Workflow is so important in creating a full gallery. Keep your workflow flexible but let it hold you accountable to get the shots you need for a stunning gallery for parents!

































































































































































































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