Newborn Session Booking Information

Sunshine Photography Jacksonville Photographer newborn baby boy potato sackNewborn Baby in Blue Potato SackNewborn Baby wrapped in blue on a blue flokati. Beautiful baby boy photograph

Choosing a Newborn Photographer is no easy task. Capturing life's fleeting moments is a job I treasure, and documenting every wrinkle, squish, and chubby cheek is the best part of photographing newborns! 


Sunshine Photography Jacksonville Photographer newborn baby girl basket top downNewborn baby girl in dream-catcher basketTop down newborn baby girl holding a heart against her chest Sunshine Photography Jacksonville Photographer newborn baby girl with floral headband in taco pose on pink.Pink newborn baby girl in TacoNewborn baby girl on pink with floral headband in taco pose. Sunshine Photography Jacksonville Photographer newborn baby outdoor tree.Outdoors newborn baby Newborn baby in outdoors setting resting its head on the root of a tree.








Sunshine Photography Jacksonville Photographer newborn baby girl floral froggy poseNewborn baby girl in elegant froggy poseNewborn baby girl with floral backdrop, simple headband in froggy pose.


Why Invest In A Newborn Photographer?

When life is happening all around you, it is hard to stop and remember the amazing details that make up that little miracle you just brought into the world. You are trying to get used to sleepless nights, new feeding schedules, a ton of dirty diapers, and for some, juggling multiple kiddos now. The first few weeks can be a blur. When you hire an photographer to take precious photos of your new addition, you are investing in a lifetime of memories that you can continue to look upon and cherish forever. Your sweet newborn baby may grow in an instant, but the photos of every tiny toe, nose and squish will be forever documented for you! My average client invests around $1500 for their timeless newborn session.




                          What To Expect

Every newborn session is shot in my professional studio. I use high quality studio lighting and equipment. Your session will be between 2-3 hours and full of adorableness! I encourage you to bring your baby's siblings and to take family and parent photos as well. These will be taken first in the session so that any siblings can be at their most cooperative point! I suggest planning on having another family member or parent to plan to take any siblings out of the studio to lunch, or a playground or back home so we can have a quiet and relaxing session that is all about your cute little bundle. Babies will be posed Au Natural or in adorable outfits, hats and wraps that I provide. Each session is custom tailored to your specific theme and/or preferences and each outfit, backdrop, prop and accessory will be chosen specifically toward your session. The studio will stay warm between 75-80 degrees and there will be overloads of cuteness as I pose your baby in adorable ways and stick them in the cutest buckets and baskets you've ever seen!                                           


Sunshine Photography Jacksonville Photographer newborn baby surreal photo on driftwoodNewborn surreal driftwood babyNewborn baby resting on driftwood in the midst of a neutral background.

Why Choose Sunshine Photography?

Newborn Safety is my number one priority when doing newborn sessions. I have worked with over 100 newborns, and am trained in infant safety posing.  I am certified in the state of Florida for Infant Development and also am proficient in baby handling.  I will never put your newborn at risk for any pose or prop. I know the skills needed to create beautiful works of art using editing tricks in order to maintain the safety of every beautiful baby. I am constantly investing in the latest training, best equipment and most relevant editing techniques to keep all of my images high quality and fresh. I approach each session with individual care and creativity.  I want every session to reflect not only the sweet little squish but also the style and personality of the family he or she comes from.  Every photo and pose is thought out carefully to fit beautifully into your home and on your walls.  I want to create timeless images that will be amazing for years to come, and so that every single detail of your newborn will be documented for you to always remember.      



Sunshine Photography Jacksonville Photographer newborn baby girl Pride and Prejudice inspired photo with posing pod and book.Pride and Prejudice Newborn Baby with book Newborn baby girl in posing pod, sitting with pride and prejudice book in hand. Books stacked in background. Bookworm baby                                                        How Do I Book?

Booking your session is easy peasy! Ideally baby should be between 5-14 days old. While newborn sessions with older babies are definitely possible, this age is perfect for the sleepy curly baby poses you see on my website. After the two week mark, babies tend to be alert more, are hungrier and baby acne can appear.  I always encourage my mamas to be to book their session in their second or third trimester.  As soon as baby is born, I ask that you contact me and we will schedule their session. I reserve a limited amount of appointments for newborn clients each month and as soon as those are filled I do not book anymore for the given month. So please book as early as you can to assure that you are guaranteed a session date in the month that you are due. Please contact me via the contact tab of my website to assure availability and to reserve your session!