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As a photographer and a teacher I love providing resources for others who share the same passion for capturing the most precious moments in life.  So I have created a collection of products designed specifically for you to create gorgeous images from the shots that you take.  I encourage you to see what I have to offer.  If your newborn images aren't quite coming out how you think they should, try my Newborn Editing Video.  If your outdoor shots need just a little extra something to take it to the next level, my Sunshine Photoshop Actions Collection would be perfect for you.  Need a little something extra to take a clients gallery and add a unique setup to it, I have several digital backdrops available for you to composite with.

Check out all my Digital photographer products on my online store.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with me feel free to send me a contact from my website or just tweet me @sunshinebyrach!


Here is an over view of all the products I offer to photographers like you!

Newborn Mini Posing Book: 

This perfectly sized 5x7 spiral bound mini book fits right into your camera bag and you can even have it right next to you during all of your sessions! It's full color pages of every major newborn pose with detailed instructions on each, plus a Tips page for a successful session. The book is protected by a frosted plastic cover, and the pages are thick and glossy! The perfect posing companion to elevate your newborn photography game! This is a physical product that will be shipped to you. Copying/reproducing is not allowed and content is copyrighted to Sunshine Photography

Editing Videos:

Newborn editing video: 

Do you struggle with newborn skin editing? How about extras like changing your flokati colors or compositing images together? This video series covers ALL of that! All of the knowledge you will need for editing newborns are in this video! 
For the first time ever I am revealing all of my editing secrets. There are 5 videos to watch at your own pace and the best part is that it is an instant download so no waiting! My creamy newborn skin secret technique will be revealed! This video is full of valuable and proprietary information that cannot be shared with others.

Dreamy Editing Video

Do you want to achieve dreamy and dramatic image edits? This video will include two image edits, hand editing as well as actions and how to do a color change! I will also show you how to throw a dress and edit it properly. You will also receive a set of free sky overlays to use for your own photos. You will be added to my workshop group for ongoing editing support. You will be emailed the link to download within 24 hours. 
You must be familiar with Photoshop for this video to help you. Basic knowledge is recommended, I'll teach you the rest! 
If you'd like to purchase my actions with the video use code BUNDLE for 15% OFF your total purchase of both! 













Bold Family Base, Dreamy Background, Desaturate Greens Perfect Sunflare, Warm Day Finish, Perfect Matte, Warm Hug Vignette

The perfect Photoshop Action collection to edit all of your outdoor images. Perfect for beach, greenery and virtually any outdoor location. Easy to use and core actions to make your editing process quick! Includes Mattes, Vignettes, Extra Touches, Basic Fundamental Editing Actions, Color Corrections and more

*By Purchasing these actions, you are agreeing that you cannot share or distribute for sale and in doing so would violate copyright laws*